PARENTS' SOS! - A Facebook Live Event


PARENTS' SOS! -  A Facebook Live Event

Thursday, May 18   

6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Many parents find that talking to their teens about sex is like navigating through dangerous, choppy waters in the dark.   We hope Parents' SOS!, our third Facebook Live event for Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, will help parents broach those inevitable delicate conversations more comfortably.  A group of parents and a sexual health expert will explore issues around adolescent sexual health, and how to navigate talks around love, sex and relationships.

Moderator:  William Carroll
                       Health Educator
                       Georgia Department of Public Health



Topics include:

  • Do kids really want to hear from parents about sex?
  • Different approaches to talking to adolescents
  • Expressing family values
  • Conversations around waiting to have sex; balancing abstinence conversations with today's reality
  • Differences in generations in talking about love, sex and relationships
  • Sex ed in schools
  • What role does a parent's own experience play in how they
    talk about sex?
  • Parents' anxiety in broaching delicate topics
  • How to keep our kids safe