The most forward looking strategic plan in our 25-year history, over the next four years Impact 2025: Advancing Adolescent Health will deliver on critical objectives as we continue to improve the health and well-being of youth in Georgia.

Impact 2025: Advancing Adolescent Health

Guided by mission, internal processes, organizational capacity, and financial sustainability, we will serve and impact 360,000 youth, 200,000 parents, 15,000 youth-serving professionals, and expand into 80 counties.

  • Mission: Expand footprint across counties
  • Internal Process: Increase our impact & demonstrate return on investment
  • Organizational Capacity: Ensure a skilled workforce & the use of technology
  • Financial Sustainability: Diversify funding

Total Reach Goal


Priority Counties


New Partnerships


By Year

GCAPP Impact 2025

  • Expand our footprint across Georgia, more partnerships to meet communities’ needs.
  • Enhance services to meet the ever-evolving needs of parents.
  • Be responsive to emerging adolescent health needs of the Georgia youth ecosystem.
  • Use data to inform and support programming and external messaging.
  • Mission focused team committed to delivering maximum community impact.
  • Use of technology to enhance organizational priorities.

Help Make an Impact

With your help we can build more programs and resources for better adolescent health.

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