A Legacy of Empowering Georgia's Youth

Key Accomplishments & Milestones

For a quarter of a century, GCAPP has served as a social innovator on behalf of Georgia’s adolescents. We partner with schools, agencies youth-serving organizations, and whole communities to help ensure young people are equipped with the knowledge, information, and motivation they need to make healthy choices — choices that help them tap into and maximize their potential. We impact over 60,000 young people annually through five focus areas: Comprehensive Sex Ed, Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Youth Empowerment, Parent Engagement, and Physical Activity & Nutrition.



GCAPP was founded by Jane Fonda in 1995 when Georgia had the highest teen birth rate in the nation. Teen births have declined by 72 percent since the founding of GCAPP.









We have gone from 0 to 60,000! Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE) was not on the table in Georgia until GCAPP began advocating for it and has kept it on the front burner for 25 years. Today, through our WISE initiative (Working to Institutionalize Sexuality Education), we impact over 60,000 young people a year with age-appropriate, medically accurate sex ed. GCAPP is the only organization in Georgia that trains teachers in CSE and guides the implementation of it in schools and within school districts. We partner with 350+ schools and community/youth-serving organizations to make this happen.












GCAPP is the acknowledged state leader in teen pregnancy prevention and comprehensive sex ed implementation and is acknowledged nationally as a model program for innovative prevention programs.  As a testament to GCAPP’s work and success, in 2010 GCAPP was one of only nine teen pregnancy prevention organizations in the country selected by the CDC to administer a prevention initiative. GCAPP was awarded $7.5 million dollars over five years to implement evidence-based prevention programs in Richmond County. The program was successful in helping to reduce teen pregnancy in the county by 10 percent over a four-year period.













In 2001 GCAPP established the Second Chance Homes Network to help curb repeat teen pregnancy. GCAPP received an urgent call asking for help for a teen mother who needed a safe place to live. Calls made to shelters and crisis centers by GCAPP staff made it clear Georgia had a problem. Only 10 beds were available in the entire state for mothers under age 18 and their children. The lack of services for teen moms and their children shed light on an issue that had gone unnoticed: repeat teen pregnancy. GCAPP worked with the state (Division of Family and Children Services) to establish Second Chance Homes where teen mothers and their children receive crucial wrap-around services that help young mothers avoid a repeat teen pregnancy and move them toward independence. GCAPP has served nearly 2000 young mothers and their children since 2001.






In 2011 GCAPP developed the Georgia Public-Private Partnership (P3) to move Georgia toward even greater progress in teen pregnancy prevention. P3 is a collective impact model that aligns prevention resources and strategies of 20+ agencies and organizations throughout the state.






GCAPP developed gPOWER in 2013, the first statewide teen sexual health app in the country, giving teens critical information and resources at their fingertips. Later rebranded as TMI-Georgia in 2017, the app is a popular informational tool for thousands of young people in the state, giving them information about of teen-friendly services they need to protect themselves.









In 2012 GCAPP’s Board of Directors changed the organization’s name from the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention to Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential and expanded its mission to include nutrition and physical activity and healthy relationships. GCAPP’s mission changed from a sole teen pregnancy prevention focus to the current mission: To improve the overall health and well-being of young people in Georgia to ensure a more powerful future for us all.






In 2017, in keeping with its focused of a more holistic approach to adolescent health, GCAPP’s primary focus areas expanded to Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Comprehensive Sex Ed, Youth Empowerment, Parent Engagement, and Physical Activity & Nutrition.









For the 2017-2018 year, GCAPP set an impact goal to empower 150,000 young people by the end of 2020.  We expanded our reach across our five program areas into 22 high-need counties. We reached our impact goal one year early (by the end of 2019), providing information and services that help young people maximize their potential. 2017 GCAPP set an impact goal of empowering 150,000 young people (ages 10-19) by the end of 2020.








 In 2019 GCAPP did a deep dive of the youth health and wellness landscape in Georgia and developed a new Formula for Change. Guided by its five focus areas, GCAPP will work in partnership with every facet of Georgia’s youth advocacy ecosystem to help ensure better outcomes for the overall health and wellness of adolescents.