Parent Engagement

As adolescents strive to develop into responsible young adults, parents must be on the lookout for at-risk behaviors that could lead adolescents on a journey of unhealthy habits. The good news is, when concern and red flags arise, every parent is already equipped with the best tool—your voice! Our work and research tell us when parents listen and ask questions without judgment, they create a safe space for young people to invite you closer into their world.

Parent Toolkit

We hear from parents frequently that they feel unprepared to discuss certain topics with their children. Our Parent Toolkit provides a broad range of information, tips, and conversation starters to help parents navigate topics and situations with their children, including those that are hard to talk about. The toolkit includes subject matter and tools for every stage of development.

Click here to see our PARENT ENGAGEMENT accomplishments in our 2020 ANNUAL REPORT and to learn more about GCAPP and our five program areas.

Workshop For Parents

GCAPP provides workshops, webinar, and events (both virtual and in-person) to empower you with resources, tools, and strategies. We can customize workshops to fit your group’s needs. Our parent workshops can be customized for:

  • Parents
  • Guardians
  • Youth-serving Professionals
  • & Other Caregivers

Parents' Testimonials

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