For Parents of Teens

Parents’ S.O.S! provides parents the information they need when navigating topics and situations that are critical in helping prepare their kids for social challenges in life. But oftentimes parents tell us they feel uncomfortable or unprepared to discuss certain topics or events with their children.  We’re here to help. From sex talk to relationships and boundaries and dating to self-esteem and peer pressure issues, Parents' S.O.S! is here to help with a wealth of tips and information. Don’t see the info you need? Have a specific question? Send us an email at



Our national partner at Power to Decide asked teens from all over the country a simple question: If you could give your parents or other adults advice about how to help you and your friends avoid pregnancy, what would it be?  Are you ready for the answers!?


Effective ways to talk to young people about puberty, sex, sexuality, love and relationships.


Use these tips and guidelines to start important conversations early, plan for the future, and build trust with pre-teens.  Thanks to our partner at Power to Decide.


You’ll find fact vs fiction here for young adults. Use these tips & guidelines to open the lines of communication, start important conversations, plan for the future & create stability for older teens & young adults.



Here, you’ll find questions young people are curious about and tips on how to answer them.  How do I know if I’m in love?  How will I know when to have sex or should I wait until marriage?  How do I manage peer pressure around dating and sex?  …and much more!



Parents know that many conversations with adolescents aren’t for the faint of heart!  Here, an abundance of tips and scripts are right at your fingertips.  From our national partner Power to Decide.









Our "Sexpert," Brandy Barnett, has some advice for parents:


SEXTING - moderated by Laurie Dhue
Dr. Amy Hasinoff, a nationally known expert and TED Talk speaker, talks about Sexting.


ASK A HEALTH EXPERT - moderated by Laurie Dhue
A wide-ranging conversation with our very own board members

Veteran broadcaster Laurie Dhue, former CNN/MSNBC/FOX news anchor, and Taz Bhatia, M.D. and an integrative health expert.


PARENTS' SOS  - moderated by William Carroll
Parents talk about how to have difficult conversations with their children.


THEY'RE TALKING; ARE WE LISTENING? - moderated by William Carroll
A group of young people from VOX ATL and GCAPP's PEER UP program discuss sexual and reproductive health from their perspective.






FAMILY COMMUNICATION ABOUT SEXUALITY - Talking points for parents during the different stages of their children's lives.