We work to bring cutting-edge programs to Georgia that promote the development of healthy children and families. Community programs that GCAPP administers are listed below. 

  • Second Chance Homes Network - This network of homes throughout Georgia provides young mothers with support to become self-sufficient parents. Based in non-institutional settings, teen mothers are provided with supportive relationships, counseling, educational incentives, and support for long-term economic independence, child development, and parenting and life skills.
  • PowerMoves: Eat Better Do Better - Now more than ever we all have to get involved to address the quality of life/obesity-related health concerns that threaten our children’s future. As part of our work to help ensure young people in Georgia are healthy and resilient, GCAPP has launched a nutrition focused community education project  When Kids Eat Better They Do Better for parents of adolescents.
  • Working to Institutionalize Sex Education…A WISE Choice - Through the WISE initiative, GCAPP is the lead organization in building the state’s infrastructure to institutionalize comprehensive and improved sexual health education in Georgia school districts. GCAPP has trained 100 teachers in 41 elementary, middle, and high schools to implement medically accurate, age appropriate curricula reaching over 35,000 students. 
  • PEER UP (Peer Education & Encouragement to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy) - GCAPP established the Youth Leadership Council to help decrease the teen pregnancy rate in Metro Atlanta which accounts for approximately 30% of all teen pregnancies in the state. College students help their peers understand how unintended pregnancy can disrupt educational attainment, motivate peers to use contraceptives, and encourage peers to visit campus and community resources. 
  • Personal Responsibility Education Program, PREP - PREP educates high risk youth on both abstinence and contraception for the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/ AIDS. 
  • Youth Advisory Council (YAC) - The Youth Advisory Council is a group comprised of young people aged 16 - 24 from across Georgia inspiring and informing peers toward a healthier future. The young advocates also provide input on issues facing adolescents while serving as GCAPP ambassadors for their communities.