We work to bring cutting-edge programs to Georgia that promote the development of healthy children and families. Community programs that GCAPP administers are listed below. 



  • Youth Advisory Council: Young people ages 16-24 serve as GCAPP ambassadors by inspiring and informing their peers and by providing input and first-hand knowledge on issues facing adolescents.

  • Youth Empowerment Summit (YES!): Our annual forum for high school students that addresses issues important to them in a safe, nonjudgmental, supportive environment. YES! attracts hundreds of teens throughout the state.

  • PEER UP College Strategy: A partnership with campus health and wellness departments to integrate sexual health information into online coursework. We also work with colleges & universities to customize student-informed events around sexual health matters.

  • TMI-Georgia: Our sexual health app and website for older teens. TMI-Georgia is popular with teens for its convenience and chat feature, allowing users to submit their questions anonymously and answered by medical professionals confidentially.


  • Parent Toolkit provides a broad range of information, tips, and conversation starters to help parents navigate topics and situations with their children, including those that are hard to talk about it. It’s a great resource to help parents better prepare their kids for life’s challenges. The toolkit includes subject matter and tools for every stage of development.
  • Parent Workshops provide resources for parents to help them talk to their children about sexuality and healthy relationships at different developmental stages.


  • Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) educates high-risk youth on both abstinence and contraception for prevention of pregnancy and diseases, including HIV/AIDS.
  • Working to Institutionalize Sex Ed (WISE) provides medically accurate, age-appropriate, comprehensive sex education in schools throughout the state. Innovative Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (iTP3) is a college-based initiative that trains students majoring in Health & Physical Education to teach sexual health.


  • Georgia Public-Private Partnership for Teen Pregnancy Prevention: GCAPP leads this collective impact initiative of 20 partner organizations representing education, child welfare, public health, juvenile justice, youth development, and academia. While teen pregnancy is down in Georgia by 72%, we are working to reduce teen births by another 25% by 2025.
  • Second Chance Homes Network: The network provides wrap-around care for teen mothers and their children; empowers teen mothers to finish high school, gain skills, and become self-sufficient parents; and works to reduce repeat teen pregnancies.
  • Eban Initiative: A multi-dimensional, culturally tailored project that connects mentors with young African-American males ages 15-19 in Clayton County.
  • Macon-Bibb County – Aligning Community Systems: In partnership with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and led by GCAPP and Community Health Solutions, over the next three years we will align prevention services and programs throughout Macon-Bibb County and serve 3,600 disenfranchised youth between the ages of 13-19 years old.



  • PowerMoves! Get Active. Eat Better. Do Better. is an elementary school program (K-5) that helps students build school gardens, harvest the gardens to make healthy foods and learn about nutrition, setting the foundation for a healthier adolescence.