SCH Services


Key Features of GCAPP's Second Chance Homes Network

What differentiates services, programs and staff in the GCAPP Second Chance Homes Network?


  • A dedicated and responsive case worker assigned to each young mother
  • A holistic, team approach to supporting young women
  • Free childcare, provided either on-site or within easy walking distance
  • Education and training support that prepares young women to find the kind of good-paying jobs that allows them to support themselves and be independent
  • Professionally trained, credentialed staff delivering life and parenting skills training that helps our clients complete their education, find a job, learn how to budget and handle their money and be an effective and nurturing parent
  • Access to comprehensive therapeutic services to deal with social, emotional and developmental issues

If you have a young mother (or mom-to-be) in your caseload who could benefit from a safe, supporting living situation, a GCAPP Second Chance Homes Network site could be a great option for her.

Program Details and Results/Outcomes

How are things different for young mothers who are placed at GCAPP Second Chance Homes?

  • Less than 4% repeat pregnancies
  • Over 90% of mothers are enrolled in programs to resume or continue their education
  • 97% of the children of our Second Chance Homes moms had regular healthcare and were up-to-date on all their immunizations upon graduation
  • Decreased dependency on government programs and services