The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of adolescents to ensure a more promising future for our state. We are proud of our success, and we are on track to achieve even more success on behalf of Georgia’s youth.


To fully understand the youth landscape in Georgia, we recently undertook a rigorous process soliciting feedback from our many stakeholders and engaging experts. Two key findings: Our youth are more diverse than ever with continuing disparities between groups, and, unsurprisingly, technology is a game changer.  Challenges Georgia youth face include socio-emotional wellness issues among teens, increasing numbers of LGBTQ teens facing obstacles, the rising numbers of youth contracting STIs and HIV, and the ongoing risks of teen pregnancy, anxiety and depression, sexual violence, substance abuse, and obesity and poor nutrition. Informed by our fact-finding, we developed our Formula for Change — the process by which we will connect with more young people through programs, services and collaborations and reach significant milestones in overall adolescent health.


Could your organization be a potential collaborator with GCAPP in the areas of Youth Empowerment, Parent Engagement, Comprehensive Sex Ed, Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Physical Activity & Nutrition?  Take a look at our Formula for Change video and/or click here to read our six-page Formula for Change: GCAPP’s Roadmap for the Future. Contact us at

Watch the new Formula for Change video