Working to Institutionalize Sex Education…A WISE Choice

 My best friend got pregnant at 16 and dropped out in 11th grade and never came back. She said she wish she had waited to have sex but she wanted to keep her boyfriend so she did it. Now she’s a kid in the adult world trying to raise a baby and keep it together.  I want to go to college and have a future but that probably won’t happen for her and it’s so sad. She said she didn’t think she could get pregnant the first time. There’s a lot of wrong information out there. We need the right information.  As teenagers there’s so much we don’t know.      


 —Tara, 17 year-old high school senior

This quote from Tara says it all. It gets to the heart of our work and why GCAPP exists. We give young people the knowledge, skills and motivation they need to make healthy choices and avoid risky behavior that can result in lifelong, difficult circumstances and barriers that, statistically, most will never overcome.



Through the WISE initiative, GCAPP is the lead organization in building the state’s infrastructure to improve sex ed in Georgia’s schools. More than 50,000 students benefit each year by receiving medically accurate, age appropriate comprehensive sex ed in schools throughout the state.  GCAPP services to schools and school districts include:  support in selecting sexual health curricula, teacher training, parent workshops, and ongoing assistance to schools and districts as needed throughout the implementation process.  The program is funded by The Grove Foundation.


If you are with a school and learning more about WISE, please contact Bobby Brewington at bobby@gcapp.org and take a look at the information below.


Teacher Training


WHERE TO TURN TO… A Compiled List of Sexual Health Resources

Reducing the Risk: Building Skills to Prevent Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and HIV -
Specifically designed to aid middle and high school students in developing the attitudes and skills to prevent unplanned pregnancy and the transmission of STDs. RTR recognizes families as primary educators of family values and sexual health and serves to inform and motivate students to make healthy choices.


´╗┐´╗┐Making A Difference! An Abstinence Approach to HIV/ Sexually Transmitted Disease and Teen Pregnancy Prevention  - Designed to reach adolescents, age 11-13, who attend middle schools and youth-serving community-based programs. This curriculum recognizes families as the primary educators of sexual health and family values and aims to provide the tools children need to make healthy choices by teaching them about prevention and their bodies.


The Great Body Shop - Comprehensive health and substance abuse prevention program developed for students in grades K-12. The writers understand that families are the primary educators of family values and sexual health. Research shows that when families discuss these topics, children make healthier choices.

Family Life and Sexual Health - Family Life and Sexual Health (FLASH) teaches school-age students in grades 5 - 12 about their bodies and preventing diseases. The writers of FLASH recognize that families are the primary educators of family values and sexual health. Research shows that when families have discussions about these topics, children make healthier choices.

Family Communication about Sexuality - These Fact Sheets provide talking points for parents during the different stages of their children's lives.