Youth Empowerment

GCAPP empowers youth through innovative and practical solutions that address the information gap.  The Youth Empowerment Summit, Youth Advisory Council, TMI-Georgia, GCAPP’s sexual health app and website, and our college strategy creates opportunities for young people to use their collectives voices and skills as advocates and champions for adolescent health.  To see a full list of our programs and services, please click here.



Youth Empowerment Summit - YES!

The youth-driven event, held in multiple regions across the state, includes: town hall youth panel discussions; interactive activities focused on overall adolescent wellness and healthy peer relationships; and breakout sessions facilitated by community leaders from the public and private sectors addressing the realities and emerging issues young people face. Through guided, empowering discussions, young people convey messages of hope and the opportunities to reach their goals and lead community and social change.


Youth Advisory Council

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) members serve as ambassadors for GCAPP.  Young people ages 16-24 play a vital part in designing training curricula, and online content that is relevant and valuable for their peers.  YAC members lead initiatives in their home communities and on college campuses as champions for GCAPP’s mission.



Innovative Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (iTP3) 

GCAPP partners with college and university health and wellness departments to integrate sexual health information in online classes. Each year, the partnership with Kennesaw State University expose nearly 4,000 freshmen students to sexual health curricula. 




The TMI-Georgia App and its companion website,, close the gap of sexual health education for thousands of young people.  While there has been a significant reduction in teen pregnancy in Georgia, there are still more than 8,000 births a year, and STIs are on the rise at alarming rates for 15 to 24 year olds. TMI-Georgia’s appeal is its convenience, confidential chat feature, and wealth of information that gives young people the opportunity to make healthy choices. For more information about TMI-Georgia, click here.