GCAPP is in a stand-alone position in its teen pregnancy prevention work across the state.  Please take a moment to check out this success story out of Augusta, GA.



We All Pay, One Way or Another

  • Teen pregnancy costs Georgia taxpayers $395 million a year.


  • Approximately two-thirds of teen mothers never finish high school and are more likely to end up on public assistance than those who have children later.


  • Girls born to teen mothers are 25% more likely to become teen mothers themselves.


  • Georgia has the 18th highest teen birth rate in the U.S.


  • Georgia has one of the highest rates of repeat teen births in the country.


  • Nearly 1 million children in Georgia are either obese or overweight.


  • Only 16% of a million Georgia school children are able to pass five basic tests of physical fitness.
  • On average, kids are sitting 85% of their waking hours.
  • 500,000 children in Georgia live in food deserts.


  • PREVENTION pays, and pays, and pays…