Youth Empowerment

Charity implies safety nets and band-aids.
I prefer ‘empowering’ ...creating trampolines and ladders rather than nets.

- Jane Fonda, Legend, Activist,
Youth Advocate, GCAPP Founder

Youth Advisory Council

Young people ages 14-24 serve as GCAPP ambassadors by inspiring and informing their peers, and by providing input and first-hand knowledge on issues facing adolescents.
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Youth Empowerment Summit (YES!)

YES! is GCAPP’s premier convening for young people. Held in multiple regions across the state, this youth-driven event brings together over 500 high school students to address issues and topics that are important to them. Topics, chosen by youth, often center around goal setting, mental health concerns, academic pressure, healthy relationships, peer pressure, and social change. YES! consists of a town hall format to allow youth to share their views on a broad range of topics, and several breakout sessions which allow them to further discuss, without judgment, what matters to them and get helpful information from experts.

Check out video highlights of our Youth Empowerment Summit 2022!


Our College Strategy

A partnership with campus health & wellness departments to integrate sexual health information into online coursework.

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Sexual health info for young people by young people.

Our sexual health app and website for teens. TMI-Georgia is popular for its convenience and chat feature, providing users anonymity and confidentiality. Download the app and know what to expect.