Customized Trainings

We provide customized trainings to teachers, schools, youth-serving organizations and professionals, youth, and parents on a broad range of topics.

Designed For You

From professional development, youth development, and program implementation to workshops for parents and youth, our training services can be customized to meet your needs and designed specifically to help you and your organization develop and implement effective, sustainable programs and strategies. We offer a broad range of topics around overall adolescent health and wellbeing, youth development, comprehensive sex ed, as well as workshops for parents.

Trainings can be customized around the following topics, and more.

Training Options for K-12 School Partners

  • Reproductive Anatomy, Birth Control, STIs
  • Reproductive Resources for Students
  • Comprehensive Sex Ed 101
  • Sexual Violence in the Media
  • Sexual Violence 101
  • Minors’ Rights in Georgia
  • How to Engage with Students
  • Trauma and Creating Spaces in the Classroom (for Virtual Instruction)
  • How to Choose a Curriculum Option

For more information, please contact Keri Hill, Ph.D., MPH, CHES, Senior Director, School-Based Initiatives, at (404) 475-6047 or

Training Options for Community Partners

  • Sexual Health overview
  • Working with LGBTQ Youth
  • Trauma informed sexuality education/tips for answering sensitive questions
  • Engaging parents in sexuality education/how to be an askable adult
  • Engaging males in teen pregnancy prevention
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • Supporting Children with Childhood Trauma & Improving Resiliency
  • Fostering Our Children with Understanding and Support (FOCUS): Trainings for potential and current foster parents.
  • Training of Health Educators
  • Making A Difference: An Evidence-Based, Abstinence Approach to Teen Pregnancy and HIV/STD Prevention
  • Making Proud Choices
  • Promoting Health Among Teens
  • Be Proud, Be Responsible, Be Protected
  • Sexual Violence 101
  • Minors’ Rights in Georgia

Training Options for Parent Groups

  • Getting the Best Use Out of GCAPP’s Parent Toolkit
  • Connected Caregiver
  • Sexual Health Overview at Every Stage of Development
  • Better Communications with LGBTQ+ Youth
  • Trauma-Informed Sexuality education
  • How to Be an “Askable” Parent
  • Engaging Teen Males in Pregnancy Prevention
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • Fostering Our Children with Understanding and Support (FOCUS): Training for Potential and Current Foster Parents
  • Minors’ Sexual Health Rights in Georgia
  • Connections Matter

For more information about customized trainings, send us a message at

For more information, please contact Dion Walker-Smith, MPH, Director, Community-Based Initiatives at

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