Comprehensive Sex Ed

Knowledge is Power and Potential for young people as well as a protective factor. Quality sex education is for life.

Our foundational belief is that quality sex ed should be given parity in the classroom, just as any other subject. Our most impactful activity is our delivery of comprehensive sex ed, equipping tens of thousands of Georgia students each year with age appropriate, medically accurate sex ed.

Working to Institutionalize Sex Ed (WISE)

Our school-based initiative

We work with hundreds of schools throughout the state to implement sex ed curricula, train teachers, guide districts through the entire process, and provide ongoing support as needed.

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Click here to see our COMPREHENSIVE SEX ED accomplishments in our 2020 ANNUAL REPORT and to learn more about GCAPP and our five program areas.

Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP)

Our community-based initiative

We work with scores of public agencies and youth-serving organizations to educate high-risk youth on both abstinence and contraception and the prevention of STIs and HIV.

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